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Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Laughter An Anti-Aging Tool

There is noting in life that can keep you young at heart quite like a good laugh. The benefits of laughter aren’t limited to your mental health, it has physical benefits too. Many people think of laughter as an additional aspect of their anti-aging program.

Anti-aging therapy combines numerous strategies like medical weight loss, hormone replacement therapy and nutritional supplements to improve your mental health and help you lose weight. However, laughing isn’t going to provide the same results as your anti-aging program, it can supplement your anti-ageing efforts.

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.”

Mark Twain


  • Laughter promotes relaxation.
  • It relieves stress and releases tension from the neck, back and shoulders, helping your muscles relax.
  • Boosts immune system strength.
  • Reduces anxiety and risk of depression.
  • Prevents heart diseases.
  • Laughing confronts with stress and negative effects of stress on the body.
  • Enhances blood circulation.
  • Decreases our perception of pain.
  • Laughing helps to control a fiery temper. It expands your view of things and allows you to think first.
  • Burns calories
  • May even help you to live longer

What is Laughing Yoga?

Laughing yoga was started in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria, a Mumbai, Indian physician who was intrigued by the positive benefits of laughter among his patients. The theory is simple: laugh regularly. Through regular laugh, one will feel much better mentally and physically.

It is not important to go to a standup comedy show to practice laughter yoga. You can do laughter yoga without a sense of humor!

Exercises are a combination of breathing and stretching, and rhythmic clapping and chanting (Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha). This is followed by laughter meditation — a few minutes of silence followed by “fake” laughing. Research has shown that even fake laughter can have the same benefits as real.

How To Increase Laughter In Your Life?

There are lot of ways to put more of laughs in your life. Here are few things:

1. Comedy Club

Get together with friends and visit a local comedy club.

2. Play Games

Play a fun board game or outdoor game with friends or family.

3. Funny Movies

Rent some funny movies. Make some refreshments, and have comedy night at your house. Maybe even invite a few friends or family over for that.

4. Count Your Blessings

Literally make a list. Negative thoughts block laughter and humor. Negative thoughts can be avoided simply by only keeping in mind the positive aspects of life. One has to travel further to reach laughter and humor, when they are in a state of sadness.

Laughter also has a variety of social benefits. It is well known to promote bonding, helping you communicate better with co-workers, friends, family members because you share in a laugh with one another. Laughter can also reduce conflicts.

Altogether, a good laugh can leave you relaxed, happy and ready to take on the challenges of your anti-aging program.

Tips To Develop Sense Of Humor

To develop sense of humor, essential tool is to teach yourself to not take anything too seriously and laugh at your own mistakes. All of us do foolish things time to time, unless we believe otherwise. Accept your imperfections, instead of feeling defensive or embarrassed.

However, there are events in life that are clearly sad and not the opportunities for laughter, while most don’t carry an overwhelming sense of either delight or sadness. Such events give you the choice to laugh or not, hence, choose to laugh whenever possible.


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