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Patient Transport In A Survival Situation

Without doubt the objective of a medic in survival situations is to transfer the ill or injured person to a nearest modern...

3-Days Beauty Cleanse: Dinner Recipes

These are the core pre-dinner tonic, evening snack and dinner recipes needed to participate in the Three-Day Beauty Cleanse. Many of the...

3-Days Beauty Cleanse: Lunch & Snack Recipes

These are the core lunch and mid-afternoon snack recipes needed to participate in the Three-Day Beauty Cleanse. Many of the foods, supplements,...


Making Good Food Choices And Healthy Meals

This article is about the careful food choices we need to make to have a healthy, balanced diet. It explores the different reasons we...

What Women Need? Women Throughout Life Nutritional Needs

Our nutritional needs change throughout our life. Focus on these key nutrients at each life stage: Adolescence

About Coronavirus – Transmission, Common Signs, Causes, Prevention, Vaccines, Myths And Facts

Coronavirus primarily causes diseases in birds and mammals. In humans coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging...


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